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The Key to Having Fulfilling Relationships
(According to Science)

What are your connection strengths and weaknesses?

Do you want to experience deeper feelings of love, intimacy, and trust?

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Get the technology that helps you focus on what matters most, the people you love.

An App Built for Two

Know how your partner is feeling, send private messages, and do relationship enhancing Challenges together.

Habits Create Results

The App helps you integrate the Connection Habits into your
daily routine until you make love a habit

Giving your
full attention



with love



Acknowledging the positive

Skill Building Relationship Challenges

The App delivers a variety of challenges so you can practice the habits that will make the biggest different for you and your partner.

You can also choose specialized challenges that help you develop specific relationship skills like conflict resolution, communication, or physical intimacy.

The Connection App is Fun to Use

Earn rewards & prizes while creating healthy relationship habits!

The Connection App rewards you for rating, celebrating, and reflecting on your practice with excellent rewards and prizes, all proven to lead to habit formation.

Your Relationship Questions Answered

A Lifetime of Love

Each positive interaction you have is like investing in your relationship bank.

Investing in the App ensures your relationship account will grow.

What People Are Saying & What the Experts Are Saying

“I have to say that this challenge has been amazing. It has brought Doug and I closer than we have been in years and has opened up the lines of communication again. We are both keen to keep doing this as I also feel that in order for the habits to be formed, more time is needed. What I love is that we are both on board and agree this is something we will continue.”

— Doug & Amy (married 22 years)

“The challenge occurred at an incredibly demanding time in my job. Even when we weren’t keeping track, we often still did the practices together. It really helped to keep things positive at home while things were in such turmoil at work. I don’t think I would have survived if there was also stress at home.”

— Ron & Angie (married with young kids)

“Even though Rich was just starting his business and consistently working 12 hour days, the challenge ensured that we stayed connected. I would totally recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to take their relationship up a notch.”

— Rich & Theresa (new parents)

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